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Noubty revolutionizes queue management by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall experience for both customers and businesses.

The Current Challenge

Waiting lines and managing crowds: two inherent complications for businesses across various sectors. The modern consumer seeks convenience, clarity, and constant communication. A disjointed waiting experience can strain customer relationships and business operations.

Noubty's Clear Solution

Noubty is your answer. It offers an integrated platform designed with both businesses and customers in mind, transforming the waiting experience into a seamless, interactive, and organized endeavor.


Revolutionize Your Service with Noubty's Advanced Features

Marketing and Analytics

SMS Campaigns & Marketing Dashboard:
Targeted marketing messages and campaigns.

Insightful Analytics:
Data-driven insights for refining customer service.

Brand Personalization and Control

Personalized Business URL:
Custom URL for easy access to the business profile.

Customizable Interface:
Chatbot design matching the brand’s style and voice.

Controlled Access:
Queue management through geolocation or phone verification.

Intuitive Dashboard:
User-friendly interface with real-time insights for managing queues.

Customer Engagement and Interaction

Virtual Queues: Efficient queuing via QR scan. Chatbot: Engage customers with menus, offers, and social media. SMS Notifications: Instant queue updates. Waiting List: Public queue status display on screens.

How It Works

A Seamless Process from Start to Finish

Make Waiting a Breeze with Noubty!


Explore in-depth case studies that delve into the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of using Noubty in diverse business environments.

A Fine-Dining Restaurant
Transforms Its Queue Management

- Challenge : Efficiently managing a busy queue and timely customer communication .
- Solution : Adopting Noubty for virtual queuing and real-time communication. .
- Outcome : Higher customer satisfaction and more efficient operations..

A Popular Café Enhances Its Customer Experience

- Challenge : Minimizing entrance congestion and managing customer wait times effectively.
- Solution : Using Noubty for targeted customer alerts and efficient system integration.
- Outcome : Improved customer experience and increased repeat visits.


Choose the Plan That Fits Your Business

Free Plan

For demonstration purpose

  • Up to 50 visitors per month
  • 1 location
  • Virtual Queue
  • Generic Business URL
  • Real-Time Status Updates

Starter Plan

For small businesses

$ 49 /month
  • Up to 500 visitors per month
  • 1 to 2 locations
  • Virtual Queue
  • Personalized Business URL
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • SMS Notifications
  • Analytics Dashboard

Business Plan

Best buy for the price

$ 99 /mo
  • Up to 1200 visitors per month
  • 1 to 4 locations
  • Includes all Starter features
  • Marketing Campaign Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Dedicated support

Enterprise Plan

For large organizations with custom needs

Contact Us
  • Tailored to your specific needs.
  • With all the platform features.
  • Develop new features to meet your specific needs


Enhance your understanding of the tangible benefits Noubty brings to businesses worldwide.

Explore the stories of real-life establishments that have transformed their queue management and enhanced customer satisfaction with Noubty.


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Discover the impactful difference Noubty makes in managing queues and enhancing customer experiences. Join the numerous businesses reaping the benefits of streamlined, efficient, and customer-friendly queue management with Noubty.

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